• A sea breeze usually blows early morning towards the shore

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    It brings fresh cold air that tends to replace a warming air on land


    The Virtual Maritime Services Corp. mission is to provide our Principal with young physically fit Filipino crew, professionally nurtured to be most disciplined and hardworking seafarers. A crew, which is design to be well trained, equipped and efficient to man the most innovated vessel of present times. It also aims to provide continuous teamwork with its crew and principal to face the global competitive shipping industry today.


    Our vision in SCMI is to consistently provide the best service to our seafarers and our Principals. And above all, to sail with resiliency and endurance with its crew, its Principal and in the society with integrity, honesty and fair growth. With SCMI, we serve with dedication and commitment at all times.


    SCMi main objective is to produce quality home-grown crew, fully compliant in standard set in accordance to STCW ’95 and vessel’s Flag State. We re-design crew to suit the Principal’s needs of educational standard, good seamanship, environmental safety, ship’s security and economic viability. Above all, we take responsibility of molding our crew to be corporate-minded and contribute efficiently his performance to company’s goal to success.


    A fresh crewing management that breeds the most disciplined and quality trained Filipino Seafarers today




    1. Quality “home-grown” crew
    2. Crew who are fully compliant to minimum requirement of STCW 95
    3. Corporate viable crew
    4. Cost effective, prompt and professional manning service
    5. High retention rate of ex-crew pool


    1. Prompt and assured job placement
    2. Prompt remittance of home allotments
    3. Career enhancement and development
    4. Managerial training and skill
    5. Family Care Program


    1. Stocks-sharing thru our “work-own” shares eligibility
    2. Career advancement towards quality promotions
    3. Medical insurance thru our family care program
    4. Physical fitness thru our family care program
    5. Educational sponsorship thru our family care program

    We operate a modern fleet of technologically advanced vessels that ensure shipping operations stay safe, secure & efficient


    Lists of our previous & existing principals since the year 2005


    Consists of most experienced marine officers


    Virtue Maritime is the home of the finest Filipino seafarers today

  • Assuming leadership by sounding the bell of excellence

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    We go full ahead towards a better future



    Unit 202 Gedisco Terrace, 1148 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines
    Monday to Friday
    8am to 5pm
    (+63) 917 870 8882 | (+63) 939 376 4862 | (+632) 507 7526